“The Machine” Jesse Green &
The Story Behind Our Mermaid Carving 


“The Machine" Jesse Green from National Geographic's AMERICAN CHAINSAW carved our Mona Kai Mermaid in our backyard for all of our vacationers to enjoy. We get many compliments as well as questions about it, so we figured we should give you some background info.

Jesse and Demetrius (aka “D” and owner of Mona Kai Vacation Rentals, LLC) went to the same college in Massachusetts at UMASS Dartmouth back in the 90’s. However, they didn’t know each other at the time! When we asked around to our friends if anyone knew of a good person who was proficient with chainsaw sculptures, Jesse Green was the man mentioned. Our friend that recommended Jesse was in Orlando at the time and we had no idea of the connection that would soon be upon us since we figured Jesse lived in Orlando. Apparently, during college, Jesse and his now wife (Beth), met at one of Demetrius’ band’s (The Java Tones) shows. So Jesse and D had crossed paths before, but didn’t know it until nearly 20 years later when Jesse came to carve our mermaid statue for Mona Kai Vacation Rentals. It’s a weird but cool connection that makes our carving even better than it already is.

Check out this overview video of Jesse Green: https://youtu.be/2X6M7ZEUxqA. We do make appearances in the photos near the end, but it’s very fast.

And check out Jesse’s bio here: http://themachinejessegreen.com/bio.html. Under his Sculpture Portfolio, our images can be seen under 16' Florida Mermaid.

“Don’t try this at home. You’ll cut your face off!”